Teeth Whitening with LED light Reviews

October 26, 2022
#2: Brighter White - Advanced

Teeth Whitening(Photo : Instagram)

The images all over Instagram of celebs with their at-home LED teeth whitening kits got us really wondering just how safe and effective these kits are. So we turned to our resident smile expert, dentist Jospeh Banker to get a mouthful on the best way to choose your own and get the grin you crave:

Dr. Banker, what has triggered the new LED light teeth whitening craze?

The in-office whitening lights were previously halogen, which caused significant sensitivity as a result of tooth dehydration. Teeth did appear whiter, but patients were often extremely uncomfortable. The heat from the halogen lights caused significant sensitivity.

Teeth Whitening(Photo : Instagram)

New technology incorporates high powered LED lights which have a higher light output with significantly less heat. These LED lights have been shown to accelerate the whitening process. The battery operated "at-home" kits cannot duplicate the strength of the "in-office" LED lights, so therefore are simply not as effective.

Is LED at-home teeth whitening safe?

LED whitening at home is safe but not as effective as in-office treatment. However, one benefit of the light is that it actually acts as a timer to help keep patients keep the whitening product in contact with the teeth for the right amount of time.

I am not aware of any "light activated" ingredients in take-home whitening kits and the minimal amount of heat generated by a battery operated LED would do little to accelerate whitening.

(Photo : Instagram)

Is it normal to be sensitive to these at-home whitening kits? Is there any pain involved?

Some sensitivity is normal. Hydrogen peroxide can irritate the gums and any areas of the teeth that are not covered with a thick enough layer of enamel (typically close to the gums). Any areas that are sensitive before beginning a whitening procedure should be avoided. The sensitivity will only get worse.

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