Natural teeth whitening baking soda and lemon

January 8, 2020
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Brandi Says:
January 7th, 2011 at 8:44 pm
I used this and like it…you dentists are all idiots who do NOT have medical degrees. (FALSE-Everyone one of the fifty states requires a dentist to be a Doctor and a specialized doctor–and the Univeristy of Iowa I was in the same Anatomy -Pharmacy-Patholgy courses and so on as the MDs)

So I suppose you think all the harsh chemicals sold in the store for dental uses are bettter? ( On the contrary it can be shown that the common emuslifiers might not be so great… Sodium Lauryl etc…)

They give me canker sores and cause my teeth to be sensitive to heat and cold. (Using lemon juice which strips away enamel does this..Diet sodas… anything that is a strong acid–gastric reflux disease- occlusal problems.. simply genetic design might be the main factor also. If you have this sensitivity you should be using a toothpaste made for it)

I’ll take something from nature over all the chemicals you have been brain washed to use. (Its your mouth do what you like…Pig dung is from nature I might add 8P ROFL)

Usually I distrust anyone in the medical field as you have all been led to believe that medications are the answer (It’s not usually a great practice to lump so varied a group of people in to such a homogeneous judgement), which is why I respect Dr.Oz because comes from a natural holistic place.

If you think you know more than Dr. Oz why didn’t you go to medical school? (I am sure i know more than Dr. Oz about teeth which is why I am a DDS and he is an MD) ahhh couldn’t get in…so dental was the alternative(I chose dentistry when I was a mere 11 years old as I had 5 on my paper route and they categorically were nicer and more well off. (or maybe veterinarian?) losers

So to set the matter straight…Dentists are a specialized Doctor just like your obstetrician-opthamologist etc.

We take national medical boards-we take regional/state medical boards and we take regional/state sugical boards to become liscensed.

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